Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences


In our home, we have officially hit the point where we have all the stuff we need. Moving last spring prompted a lot of decluttering, and as the holiday season approaches, we're making an effort not to start accumulating again. Instead of giving each other store bought gifts, this year we're giving experiences and something more valuable than our money: our time. In the season of gift guides, here's my gift guide of experiences.

Visit a new museum. Your home city is probably full of great museums, pick a new one and treat yourself with the time to visit it leisurely.

Get tickets to a live performance. See what is happening in theaters in your city, maybe even pick something brand new to you.

Plan a trip. Heading somewhere in 2016? Leisurely enjoy the planning. If a big trip is not in the budget this year, plan a staycation in your own city or check out another spot that's a short drive away. A night in a hotel can do wonders.

Host a dinner party. Instead of exchanging gifts with your best friends, have them over for a dinner.

Get outside.  Step away from the computer, turn your phone off and get outside. Go for a hike, or a walk on the beach, and give yourself some quiet time to enjoy just being outside. Bring a camera, a sketchbook or journal and experience it. You can document it later.

Open that fancy bottle of wine. Did someone once give you a bottle of wine that you are saving for a "special occasion"? Decide that now is that special occasion. Make a tasty dinner, sit in front of the fire, and open that bottle. Make a random Saturday a special occasion by letting yourself slow down and enjoy the moment. (I also advise having a back up bottle on hand. Unless you've stored that wine carefully, if you've been hanging onto it for awhile, it may not be good any more.)

What type of experiences are on your list this year? Let me know in the comments.