From A Team Member // My Lady Project Summit Story

My Lady Project journey started with second The Lady Project Summit as a summit intern. I stood outside the door of the Southside Cultural Center checking in attendees and marveling at all of the varied women I was meeting. Nearly four years later I am a full-fledged team member, getting more involved and more excited for the Lady Project Summit each year. Through attending and volunteering over the course of the past four years, I have seen this event grow into a far-reaching celebration that brings women from across the country together to connect and nourish their passions.

Each year the summit renews my sense of wonder for the power of community. Volunteers and Lady Project team members donate hours of their time throughout the year to plan the summit. We bond over putting together Wayfair furniture and getting temporarily lost in The Vets. We marvel at the finished product and gleam when we help an attendee find the way to their workshop. Afterward, we have a glass of wine to celebrate and roll up our sleeves and start brainstorming for the next year’s summit.

Listening to keynote speakers and attending workshops reminds me that I am truly capable of anything if I have the guts to pursue it and the humility to ask for help. I've listened to everyone from Michelle Kwan to Ruma Bose. Each speaker and workshop leader has their own story to tell and their own wisdom to pass along. Each year I take away new goals and affirmations to wield as tools when I feel stuck in mediocrity. I can make a change in not only myself but in my surroundings. The summit has shown me there are plenty of women to look to for an inspirational nudge.

Meeting new people and creating connections with them over goals and gratitude shows me the power of finding your people. Every year I speak with women I've never met about how The Lady Project has changed some aspect of their life for the better. Friendships and career opportunities abound at the summit. We walk away with an emerging network of women that are interested in supporting us in ways we may not have had that morning.

Recently I've become involved with the summit in a unique way. For the second year in a row, Brittanny Taylor and I are hosting a VIP Gifting Suite experience the night before the summit. This exclusive event has allowed us to collaborate with local businesses and creators who want to go above and beyond to support The Lady Project. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to create an event that has become a part of the summit weekend with The Lady Project team. Here we are in our second year, growing alongside the main event and doing our best to offer more to attendees and Lady Project members.

For the upcoming Summit, I am excited to work with team members and volunteers in transforming The Vets once again into a power packed space full of women and inspiration. Each year I am continually floored by what we accomplish and how smoothly the event goes off. This year, I’m sure, will be more incredible than the last as we improve and perfect from Summits past!