How to Stay Connected While Growing Your Business: Friend Dates for the Busy Entrepreneur

Being a Young Female Solopreneur, my life is busy, busy, busy. When everything is on you because you are the BossLady, it is easy to get in the trap of being all business and letting go of your social life. However, your friends are a huge support and what fun is success if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with?

Here are some fun friend dates you can make to keep up with your Ride or Dies while still continuing to grow your business.

1. Sign up for a 5K together

Keeping fit and healthy is really important and we’re not always great about making time to move our body. Take a break from the computer screen and sign up for a 5K. You and your friends can make a weekly jogging date to train together. Running is always more fun when you have someone else to help talk you through it. Plus, most 5Ks are often used as fundraisers for helpful causes so not only will you be helping keep your body and friendship strong, you’ll be helping others as well.

2. Sip Coffee

Make time to grab some coffee in the morning before work. If you and your friends are early birds this could be a great time to catch up and fuel up before starting your workdays. Plus, if you don’t have an official set-up, coffee shops are notorious for students, “work-from-home” and solopreneurs to set up a working space for the day.

3. Get Creative!

Signing up for a Paint & Wine night. Starting a book club together. Sharing and critiquing each other’s writing. These are all super fun, and creative ways, to spend time together. By allowing yourself to indulge in the creative process, even if you don’t self-define as a “creative” can help spur some awesome ideas in your business. Plus, you and your friends will have an awesome piece at the end to remember your experience together.

4. Nosh On Good Food

We all need to eat. So why not share the pleasure of your friend’s company while you nourish yourself? Food is often used to help celebrate, and solidify community. Plus sharing a meal together with a friend is so much more attractive than hunching over your laptop typing away while you try to cram a sandwich in your mouth without making a mess. 

5. Treat Yo Self

As a mental health therapist (and Parks & Rec enthusiast), I am a huge fan of indulging in self-care regularly. When you make time to care for yourself, you are more helpful to others and more efficient and productive in your work. You also just feel good which inspires and spreads positivity to others. For those who don’t watch Parks & Rec (what are you waiting for? It’s awesome!), two characters on the show indulge in an annual “Treat Yo Self” day. On this day they treat themselves to luxurious purchases such as jewelry and furs, fancy meals, and sensual spa services like facials and massages. If you have the means, by all respect - go all out! However, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to treat yourself. Giving each other at-home mani-pedis can be just as indulging and fun as going to the nail salon. You can really get creative in how you and your friend can spend some time pampering yourselves with self-care activities together.

6. Netflix and Actually Chill

You and your friends are dying to catch up on old Gilmore Girls episodes before the reboot later this month. Why not watch together? Gilmore Girls not your thing? Choose another series to binge together. That way you can comfort and speculate together as you process your viewing experiences together.

7. Learn Something New

I happen to live near several well-known colleges and universities and they are always hosting different events and speakers. Plus, The Lady Project often hosts fun workshops that will help hone and grow your professional and personal skill sets. Search what events are coming up nearby and you could be surprised who is coming to town (often for super cheap or even free).

8. Catch Some Tunes

There is something so much fun seeing a local, or even famous, band/musical artist perform live. Check out the different venues in your area to see who is playing nearby. You may even discover your new favorite song that perfectly defines your friendship together. Or you can relive the early days of your friendship by finding a cover band playing in your area. If you really want to get wild, you and your friend can sing the tunes at a local karaoke joint!

9. Just Be

Make a plan to just hang out and just be. Your friends love spending time with you because you’re awesome- not because you do some fancy schmancy things together (though those things are fun too!). Your friends get you are trying to make a living, but make sure to make time to spend with them. And as a general rule, NO TALKING BUSINESS. You’re spending ime to let off steam, not talk shop all night.

Mallory Grimste, LCSW is a mental health therapist in Woodbridge, CT. She loves helping tweens, teens, and young adults struggling with Anxiety (... and other Big Emotions) find what works for them.

Originally a Jersey girl, she loves the beach, sunglasses, and iced coffee. Her favorite coping skills are deep breathing, listening to music, and watching Scandal.

Want to know more about Mallory, or how she can help? Check out her website at

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