Five Podcasts You Must Listen To In 2017

Last year I discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts and haven’t looked back. If you haven’t indulged in this experience, you’re missing out. I listen while I’m working out, completing household cleaning chores, and driving around town in my car. There are a variety of different shows you can listen and subscribe to, based on your preferences. I tend to listen to a lot of industry-specific podcasts related to the business side of being a mental health professional in private practice (shoutouts to Selling the Couch, Practice of the Practice, and ZynnyMe!), but I also like to mix it up with a few entertaining, or interesting shows as well.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to in 2017, keep reading for my top five recommendations:

1. Dear Sugar

As a human being, and as a mental health professional, I love Love LOVE this podcast! Cheryl Strayed (yup, the same one who wrote Wild- if you haven’t read this book, get on it, girl!) and Steve Almond co-host this podcast based on the Dear Sugar advice column. Listeners message the show with their questions, dilemmas, and problems seeking guidance from these wise sages by emailing them directly at If your email is selected they read the message on the show and provide their insights and feedback. What is really fascinating about the show is they often come from an open, curious perspective, wanting to really understand and help the messenger, rather than a typical judgmental or “telling” stance. I love this because they often tackle some very real, often too embarrassing to talk about or admit situations, in a very real, kind, genuine manner.

2. Women-in-Depth: Conversations About the Inner Lives of Women

I had the opportunity to connect with psychotherapist, and host of this podcast, Lourdes Viado, through some online Facebook groups and later in person this past year at The Most Awesome Conference for therapists (yes- this is an actual conference. And yes- it really was the Most Awesome Conference I’ve ever attended). Lourdes has one of the most soothing voices as she interviews experts who are, and work with women, from all walks of life. Lourdes is not afraid to talk about some of the more difficult aspects of women lives such as dealing with infidelity (from both “the other woman” and “the woman cheated on” perspectives), emotional abuse, birth trauma, and infertility issues just to name a few. Just like in Dear Sugar, Lourdes and her guests address and discuss these issues from a caring, nonjudgmental, and curious perspective, which makes this a safe place to explore your thoughts, feelings, and responses to these ideas as well.

3. Freakonomics Radio

Now this podcast is an “oldie but a goodie.” Steve Dubner, one of the co-authors of the Freakonomics series, hosts this Podcast exploring different questions from an economist’s perspective. His co-author Steve Levitt, often makes an appearance on the podcast from time to time in hilarious ways. This podcast makes me think about things I might never have given a second thought to if it weren’t for the fact they made an episode about it. Some of the shows are silly, some are heartfelt, and some are more serious, educational, and timely. Whatever the show, I can tell you I am always left feeling entertained and more knowledgeable.

4. Another Round with Heben & Tracy

This podcast is ah-mazing! Heben and Tracy are the co-hosts of this podcast and they do not hold back about their thoughts and opinions related to very real cultural and racial issues that often don’t get addressed in mainstream media, which tends to focus on White-centric issues. While their show discusses and addresses some very serious issues, they do so in fun way by drinking wine with their guests. You can tell Tracy and Heben love spending time with each other, their guests, and making this show, which makes you want to just keep on listening and join the party.

5. The Femtrepreneur Show

Mariah Coz and Megan Minns co-host this podcast focused on the logistics of preparing and launching online courses and other online products. They also record the show for their YouTube channel so if you prefer to “watch” you can check them out over there as well. What I love about this show is that even if you aren’t in the world of online selling, they offer some really helpful advice you can adapt and apply to your own business or working process- especially if you’re an entrepreneur. They make their content fun and easy-to-understand and they offer freebies to help you out as part of every episode.

I hope you will enjoy these Podcasts as much as I do. Let us know if you have any podcasts you recommend too by leaving a comment below!