Fear of Sharing

This is my third attempt to write this blog post. The assignment was Pride. Write anything about Pride.

But I had no idea it would be this hard.

“Why would people want to hear about pride from a hetero white girl?” … and this is where I get stuck each time I try to write this post.

I’m afraid of the ridicule. I’m afraid of offending someone, even unintentionally. I’m afraid of the cyberbullies who will position me as some privileged white chick who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. 

But here I am… writing this post again. Because I realized this perspective is important too. My experience of being fearful to speak, even with fully loving intentions, is important. Feeling tripped up, stumbling over my words and thoughts is not like me. 

If we’re going to love and support all the beautiful people in this world, we need to create space for all perspectives. And “all perspectives” includes mine, yours, and those who we don’t agree with. 

It challenging to hear someone’s perspective that’s different from your own. It’s difficult not to write them off. But not hearing them, or not allowing them the space to speak is worse.  

If we’re afraid to talk for fear of ridicule, then nothing will get done. No progress will be made. That would be the worst case scenario.

So I’m sharing this perspective - of a hetero white girl’s fear of writing about pride - to encourage all of us to keep talking! Share your love, share your questions, and share your truth. And most importantly, be a respectful listener for those sharing!