Does Self-Visualization Work?

If you asked me this question a few years back I probably would have given you major side eye:

Does self-visualization work?

I’ve never more than strolled through the self-help aisle. My (gifted) copy of The Secret made for a better coaster than it did a conversation starter. I was a skeptic; assuming this technique simply provided a clever term for people to take credit for their good luck…There couldn’t really be a difference between visualizing and daydreaming, right?

Wrong. (But, I bet you already knew that.)

Present me knows that this assumption was totally unfair. In recent years I have tried my best to adopt a firm “Don’t Knock It, Till You Try It” policy. Thus, I am here to revisit the question.

Visualization seems loosely defined across the board Google. For some, “creative visualization” is the preferred term. In sifting through dozens of opinions, tips, endorsements, even doubts – I have decided that self-visualization is any mental exercise that helps us manifest our goals…Is it just me, or does mental exercise seem more palatable?

In changing my perspective just a little bit, I realized that I already engage in many activities that could fall under the umbrella that is self-visualization. (You probably do too!)

Vision Boarding – Keep your goals where you can see ‘em!

Positive Affirmation – No one will believe you, unless you believe you. Remember this cutie? We can all take a page out of her book. Is your Lady Project Manifesto in plain sight? That counts, too.

Mental Rehearsal – Don’t just ask yourself “What if?” Imagine how you might respond or react in a “what if?” situation. Being prepared will allow us to put our best foot forward.

Faking It ‘Til You Make ItOr, dressing for the job you want. Maybe this is a stretch, but I’d like to think of it as visual affirmation. Our image says a lot about how others perceive us; and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. Is there something out there that makes you feel super confident and capable? Snatch it up in every color, lady.

For self-visualization to work, I think we must be mindful in incorporating these techniques into our daily lives; the ultimate goal being to identify and be ready when an opportunity presents itself. It will likely take practice; and come with its ups and downs. Focus on taking small steps, and don’t get caught up in the labels. Oh – and don’t stop daydreaming either.

…was this a long-winded “yes,” or what?

Catherine Kwolek was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she works as an accountant by day and blogger by night. She loves nothing more than a tall iced coffee and a good laugh. When she’s not busy exploring what’s new around Providence, she can be found crafting, perusing the makeup aisle, or binge watching House Hunters.