Travel Tuesday // Create Your Travel Vibe Without Leaving Home


One of the reasons travel feels so good, is that you’re tapping into a whole other part of youself. Without your regular routine or responsibilities, you’re stimulated by new experiences. This makes you more relaxed, open to new ideas and happy.

Coming home, it’s easy to fall right back into your routine. Very few of us are able to travel as much as we'd like, so we need to tap into that vibe in our everyday lives and in our own cities. You’ll have the added bonus of also learning more about your own city.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to tap into my travel vibe without leaving Rhode Island.

Explore one of your home town’s tourist attractions.

If you were visiting your home city for a weekend, what are some of the things you’d do? Not sure? Check out your local tourism and travel sights. Visit a new museum, or historical sight. Bring a sketchbook with you, put your phone away and chat with some of the people who are visiting.

Visit a new restaurant

It's great to have your regular haunts, and favorite dishes, but try visiting a place you’ve never been, and trying a dish you’ve never heard of. Does your city have a large community of people from a certain part of the world? Find their neighborhood and visit their restaurants.

Go on a hike to a new place

Even our tiny state of Rhode Island is packed with interesting hiking trails. Do a little research and pick a hiking trail some place you’ve never been. Bring your camera, bring a sketchbook and turn your phone off. This is one of my favorite books for finding hiking trails in Rhode Island.

Cook something you discovered on a trip

Did you have an amazing time in Spain eating all kinds of new and delicious foods? Look up some recipes that you remember, and have fun trying out some new dishes. Pick up some wines you may have tried, or are from that region, and have a mini wine tasting. The smells and flavors will bring you back.

Do some armchair traveling

Pick up a book set in a city you loved or one you're intrigued by, or find a movie filmed on location in a city you're interested in visiting.

Photo of the Rhode Island State House by David Hansen.