Create Your Ideal Life


Many of us are merely existing and living life on autopilot. Day in and day out, we routinely go to a job that we highly dislike and borderline hate, go home exhausted and unfulfilled, numb ourselves with watching reality tv, eat, shower, go to sleep only to repeat the same boring routine the next day. Many of us are very comfortable with our job because the salary is decent, watching television to numb us because we don’t to deal with our boring and dissatisfied life, and just working hard to earn a weekend. Today is the day to create your ideal life.

Within this article, I am going to discuss three ways to jumpstart your ideal life. It is great to start visualizing your ideal life by asking yourself these three questions.

What kind of life do you truly want to create and live?

What is holding you back from creating your ideal life?

Who will help you create this ideal life? Support system?

Why you should pursue your passion to create your ideal life.  Time is one of the most important things you should invest in while you are pursuing your passion to create your ideal life.  You cannot get time back. When your pursue your passion, you are making actually steps to creating your ideal life. In order to create your ideal life and pursue your passion, you must have patience, resilience and perseverance. You are going to experience high points and low points, but you must continue to push forward and not give up. Your ideal life is at your fingertips but you must discover it and now is not the time to give up. Discovering your passion, being persistence and investing in yourself are valuable qualities to have while creating your ideal life.

In order for you to create your ideal life, you must have a strong support system. It take a village for anyone to become successful. Your friends and family are important tribal members of your village. They can cheer you on or kill your dreams or vision if you give them permission to do so. With any vision or goal it’s important to surround yourself with people who believe in what you’re doing and want to see you succeed. Remember, no one person is an island and we need help from our village. Let your family and friends know what you are doing and how they can help you achieve your goals and vision for your ideal life. If they are not receptive of your goals or vision, release them with love. You don’t need the toxicity nor negativity surrounding you during your uncomfortable, growing zone.

Utilize journaling, vision boarding and goal setting. In order for you to create your ideal life, you must take your vision and record it. In order to create your ideal life, you must plan for the life you want. Words, actions and thoughts are very powerful. Start with this two questions: What do I truly want from my life? What does my ideal life look like? This is the time to really reflect, record and get into action.

Many people usually journal their thoughts, actions and vision. Journaling is a common tool to help individuals hold themselves accountable to their vision and ideal life. Many times we manifest things wether good or bad during our journaling time. Take a least 10-15 minutes of quiet time and start reflecting what do you truly want. Start writing down your vision and what you ideal life look like. Also write down what you truly are grateful in your life now. Having an attitude of gratitude helps keep you grateful, humble and open to receiving more opportunities and blessings.

Vision boarding is becoming a very popular visual tool for individuals who are visual learners. I am a firm believer of using vision boarding to manifest your ideal life. Vision boarding is similar to journaling but you use actual visual objects such as pictures, magazine cutouts, quotes, symbols and other positive visual tools. Vision boarding can be done alone, in a group or a vision board party. In order to actually manifest your ideal life, you must have the appropriate visuals on your board. If you want to live in a specific place, find a visual that represent that place and post it on your board. Place your vision board in an area that your frequent on a daily basis and make sure your thoughts, behavior and actions are in alignment with what you place on your vision board.

Goal Setting is another go to tool to create your ideal life. Goal setting help you to breakdown your vision and create your ideal life. Many of us have an amazing vision but how are you going to make your vision come alive? Goal setting will help keep you accountable by creating a out of this world goal, action steps to complete the goal and create a deadline to complete the goal. You can create simple, laughable goals to goals that you don’t think you can’t accomplish but you end up accomplishing more.

Many times, we limit ourselves because we are afraid of pushing past our comfort zone and reap the benefits of our ideal life. Instead of using fear to keep you stuck, use fear as motivation to achieve your passion and ideal life. Remember, on the other side of fear and a boring life is a passionate and ideal life. Say No to living a boring life and Yes to creating your passionate and ideal life. The only person is holding you back is YOU. You deserve to live your ideal life.

Andrea C. Imafidon is the brain child and life coach of Brown Girl From Boston, a personal development and coaching blog that educate, encourage and empower the overachiever and overqualified women of ethnic diversity everywhere to live life to the fullest, on purpose and fearlessly. Andrea is a Brown Girl From Boston who currently resides in Providence, RI with her husband and her furry cat son, Chai. She is a member of National Coalition of 100 Black Women: Rhode Island Chapter and a member of Girl Scouts of USA. When Andrea isn't coaching she truly enjoys her downtime. In her spare time, she coordinates and facilitate networking and group coaching events for women. Andrea is a lover of life, she love and appreciate her supportive village of friends and family. Andrea is a music maven, Hip Hop Brainiac, Boston sports fanatic, enjoys sleep, travel, fashion, food and fitness!