Cooking on Gas


I started cooking when I was about five. And by cooking I mean making an exceptional amount of mess before presenting something entirely inedible but "delicious" to whichever parent was unlucky enough to be first in my line of sight. Whilst my enthusiasm for food retains my five year old self's vigor, thankfully my culinary results have become far more edible, and dare I say, tasty! My desire to wash up remains about the same though.

I do think that women and food sometimes get a raw deal. The out dated expectation that 'A woman's place is in the kitchen', or body image insecurities stemming from taking that third slice of pizza when out to dinner. I am going to come entirely clean at this point: I'm always the one taking the fourth slice then ordering dessert, and i'm in the kitchen because I like it. I make food work for me in the time I have, for the people I love whilst doing my best to keep my mind and body healthy but without taking out a mortgage for organic vegetables and beef that's had more massages than me. It's probably fair to say that this woman's place is in the kitchen, but only because I want to be there.

Since moving to America from England at the beginning of last year, there have been many things to get my head around: Cilantro is Coriander leaf by any other name, you guys have that whole Fahrenheit thing, and the grill is at the bottom of the stove in the little drawer I was using to store stuff. Which is now melted. I've muddle my way through my transatlantic cooking conversion and, as my dad would say, doing just as my new giant oven: cooking on gas.

Whilst by no means an expert in the kitchen, I have figured my way around various home cook's conundrums and found some simple and thrifty tips to make home cooking a little easier as well as a whole lot better for my health and my budget! (I will sneak a couple of naughty bits and bobs in now and again, but what's life without a little bit of hedonism here and there?)

I am delighted to have joined The Lady Project Editorial Team as their new Food Editor, and look forward to sharing exclusive recipes, ideas for entertaining, how to make food/your kitchen/your time work for you, as well as stories from the world of all things scrummy.

I hope my ramblings on jam and witterings about why your freezer is your new best friend are of use and interest to the wonderful women of The Lady Project. Thanks ever so much for having me- now let's get cooking!