Celebrating Mentorship With The PVD Lady Project

This September the PVD Lady Project Chapter had its Fourth Annual Bring Your Own Mentor Bash. The BYOM event is an opportunity to attend an event with your mentor or mentee, and make new connections if you are not already in a mentoring relationship. Bring Your Own Mentor encompasses the Lady Project Org pillars of connecting the community and inspiring strong relationships between women.

This time around our event was held at Flatbread Pizza Company, where we feasted on several types of pizza and a fresh salad. Flatbread strives to use local ingredients and showcase local farms and breweries. We partnered with the local child advocacy group, Tuesday’s Child, to collect duffel bags and raise awareness of the Department of Children, Youth and Families and their services.

Our speakers for the usual 3x3 speaking series were chosen at random from business cards of the attendees, making for a fun twist and some surprise speeches. Speakers were asked to tell the best piece of advice they had gotten from their mentors, some of whom were in the audience.

Kalene was chosen first and spoke on her first experiences in her new job where she learned to “Be a woman of impasse” from her mentor Shameem. Shameem happened to be picked next to speak and shared the wisdom she has gained from listening to both sides of every situation to gain a more well-rounded view of a circumstance. I was also called upon to speak about my mentor, Brittanny Taylor, who I took to last year's event. The best piece of advice I’ve learned from Brittanny is also the smallest, “Don’t take sh*t from anyone”. Jennifer Griffith of Rhode Island's Department of Children, Youth and Families was a welcome fourth speaker, sharing with us more information about Tuesday's Child and advising us to “throw caution to the wind and do it [whatever you may be dreaming of]”.

The evening was filled with new connections, tasty pizza, and local beers. Lady Project members new and existing left with a better understanding of mentorship and some fresh inspiration for their daily lives. Thank you to Flatbread Pizza Company and DCYF for being a part of our event!