Business Spotlight: SmartGlamour



Lady Project Member: Mallorie Carrington

Lady Project Chapter: New York City

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Tea or Coffee?Coffee

I collect...Shoes

Favorite City?New York City! Of course.

Style Icon?Audrey Hepburn + Katherine Hepburn mashup

Bloom of choice?Calla Lilly

Favorite Season?Spring

I'm lusting after...watercolor peep toe pumps

Most prized possession?My dogs

Lady Crush?Gloria Steinem

On weekends, working! 24/7 as a solo lady boss. But attempt to set aside a date night with my fiance or girls' night with my ladies.


What's your background- career, where you grew up, school?I grew up in Newburgh NY - an hour and a half north of NYC. I studied fashion design, acting, and dance in high school and went on to get my fashion design degree from FIT. I then got an art and design education degree from Pratt Institute in 2010.

What was the vision in the beginning and what is the vision now? My vision for SmartGlamour in the beginning was to create a customizable clothing line for women of all shapes and sizes that would empower them and help build their confidence. The vision now - is mostly the same - but I have learned the benefits of having a brick and mortar location and so I would love to eventually create multiples of this idea all around the country.

What's your biggest success so far?So far my biggest success has been launching and running my 3 month pop up store in the East Village. I had an idea and did anything I could to make it happen - which is the much in the same vein as how I launched the brand to begin with.

What's your favorite thing about being a Lady Project member?My favorite thing about being a Lady Project member is meeting so many other like minded ladies and making worthwhile connections that benefit us all.

What is the biggest challenge in your industry? How do you deal with it/how are you going to deal with it?My biggest challenge in the fashion industry is that I am completely trying to change it! My company goes against most fashion company's entire models of business - and that makes it difficult. I'm also going against the idea of promoting an unrealistic and unachievable standard of beauty in order to sell my products - and to some, that's not "sexy" or "cool." I deal with these challenges by surrounding myself with people, publications, and influencers who truly get it - and are happy to back my brand and pass on the message to others.

What advice would you give to a business owner starting out in your industry that you wish you would have known going in?I would advise anyone starting a fashion brand to hustle, hustle, hustle your own promotions. I've had great luck with this myself - but in the interest of time, and the importance of my pop up - I attempted to hire this job out, twice, and neither times worked well. I've been good at it since day 1 - so I should have stuck to doing it myself. If you are good at one particular part of your business - keep doing it yourself until you meet someone better.

Is your business involved with any community groups?Not really? I collaborate and partner with bloggers, publications, other lady bosses, etc- but no other groups aside from The Lady Project.