Birthdays As A Time For Reflection

 Photo by Holly Vine

Photo by Holly Vine

Every year, we look to January first as a time of rebirth. A magical date that wipes the slate clean and provides us with another chance to become the fully realized person we strive for in our hearts and minds. The New Year can certainly spark new beginnings and reflections on the past, but what if we chose to renew ourselves and respond to our progress more than once a year? 

This October marks my 24th year on earth, and I have felt myself grow and change more than ever in the past 12 months. Most notably I came to terms with the fact that we constantly change in small ways and each day is a new opportunity to grow from your choices and their outcomes. I propose that we utilize our Birthdays, that one day a year that we fully celebrate ourselves, as a glance back at our progress and a launching pad for our future endeavors.

Start with a glance back at the year you are emerging from, what was the overall tone or message of this year? If it was full of hardships, you may choose to take one last look at them, find all the things you gained or learned, and then let them go. Briefly rewind and remember the growth and joy you had, and send any negative feelings that do not serve your current journey out of your mind. Your past year holds lessons and memories, but should not hold you back from another great birthday!

Then, celebrate everyone and everything that is a part of your life and journey. Be thankful for those who lifted you up in tough times, and who guide you with friendship. Exercising gratitude and kindness in any way will set you on a positive path and shed light into all corners of your heart and those around you. Celebrate yourself as well, be grateful for your talents, your personality, and every little thing that makes you, you. 

Take a final moment to set intentions for the next cycle ahead of you, how do you dream of living your next year? How can you follow those dreams and live your ideal year? Be gentle and positive in your goals, building upon the progress from the year past. Remember that as we change, as do our goals and focuses. Your birthday is a time to celebrate you as you already are, as well as what you can become and accomplish.

If our birthdays are the one day that is truly about us, do yourself a favor and celebrate where you are, all that you are grateful for, and who you can truly be.

Bethany Caliaro is a recent Johnson & Wales University Graduate working in the Providence restaurant scene. She loves connecting with the Providence community through her work with The Lady Project and her Instagram. In her spare time, she tries to grow plants and eats out with her friends.