Be Grateful, You Are The Sun!


When Brittanny expressed that the theme for November was going to be Grateful, I automatically knew what my blog post was going to be about. Lately, and I use that term very loosely as it encompasses the last year and a half of my life, I have been in a career hell hole spiral. I have gone on interviews where the person was over 40 minutes late to our appointment, I've begun training for positions that were nothing as described in the job posting or through my conversations with the management, and I've experienced a very low interview to call back ratio. There has been some ups, a lot of downs and a heap of frustration and self-doubt. As I have continued my journey for a better-suited job, I recently began to self-reflect and had an epiphany that everything I have experienced has molded me into a slightly better version of myself.  

Now I have a better understanding of which fields and/or industries I would like to work within, the types of companies I do not want to work for, and how I can transfer my current skills and experiences to relate to positions within different industries from my own. I have learned that I am not a commuter (under 30 minutes or less please!), that work/life balance is essential because if I am miserable at work that negative energy will sit and resonate with me all day every day, and which questions are important for me to ask during an interview. For me, that correlates a lot with the company or the location culture if it is a part of a chain or franchise (because not all are created equally!!) in addition to why they are looking to hire for this position. I always ask about the turnover ratio for the position. If it is high that can be a red flag indicator, as well what growth opportunity within the company looks like.  

Within my epiphany, I also realized that some of the jobs that I had beforehand were not that bad! My commute was reasonable, there were various training sessions held throughout the quarter so I was constantly learning, I was able to meet and interact with new people both internally and externally, and I was able to travel! Sure the pay was not the best, sometimes I would be in the office until 8 or 9 pm and I had to work Sundays, but the company was a good place to work. Even though I could have stayed there and kept my head down until a position opened up at headquarters and would have lived a peachy life. I am glad I did not take that route and jumped into this hell hole inspired spiral because it taught me what qualities matter most to me in my career and in my place of work, which I feel like can only be learned through trials and tribulations. I am grateful for all of the non-dream jobs that helped me gain useful skills that I can put to work today. 


Most importantly I have learned this one true valuable lesson, which I will let my dear friend Cristina Yang tell you all as she says everything just so beautifully, “Don’t let what they want eclipse what you need, they are very dreamy but they are not the sun, you are”. Okay, I made some slight modifications but the message still stands. Do not ever let any manager or company take advantage of you in any way; they need you more than you need them. You are the one that keeps their business going; you are the one out on the front line. That paycheck and those benefits might be dreamy, but I can promise you that there is another position and company out there that will appreciative of you, after all, you are the sun.