Ok, I've got a quick story.  So my sister moves to a brand new city after college.  And there she is, in a brand new city all by herself and obviously, she gets a little bored, a little lonely.  So she's going to try to meet people!  Right?  You know, make new friends!  She joins a website online that says something like, 'Meet Friends Here' -- and signs up for one of the next in-person hang outs.  She's excited.  And so the day comes and there's a plan - like: Hey, We're going to all meet outside the zoo entrance and we'll have a little sign and just look for us and we'll all hang out!  Easy enough.  She gets all dressed, she heads out for the zoo, okay - there, she sees the group of people and the little sign and then just immediately walks right past them, pays for a solo ticket and walks through the entire zoo by herself, pretending like that was exactly what she went to the zoo to do. I adored this story.  Not because it didn't break my heart and make me want to walk through the zoo with my sister, holding her hand and making her not lonely -- but because I got it.  And feel like most people will get it.   It can be really tough to connect.  To have the courage to put yourself out there.  Around here at The Lady Project, we're big on connect -- like, it's one of three words in our motto big.  And besides recognizing that it can be tough -- we also know just how important it is.

And so, it made natural sense to make 'Connect' our very first monthly theme for this April.  That's right - thanks to our clever new Communications Director, Brittanny -- we're implementing monthly themes!  Each month will be a chance to explore a common idea/theme with contributions from our varied + fascinating writers.

Here's to the beginning of spring -- and to finding many moments this upcoming month of authentic, wonderful connection.

xo, Jen + the blog team