A Quick Wrap Up On Pride

I knew this month was going to be interesting. Would I get people to write for me? Would they trust me to create a safe space? Would people read it? It’s easy for some to say that they are they are inclusive and here for everyone but are they really? It takes effort to learn about someone else. The majority of the writers on this blog are white cis straight women. That’s just a fact. I want this blog to be a place for all voices. That’s why I featured Black and Arab women you should know in February and April respectively and LGBTQ+ folks this month. As long as I am the editor I want to highlight voices that don’t often get the platform they deserve.

I am a black cis bisexual woman who is straight passing. There is a lot of privilege in that. The majority of people in my life have no idea. It’s not something I am trying to hide. I just don’t think that it’s a defining feature about me. I think my love of squirrels and only wearing black clothing says more about me than being bisexual does. But sometimes it is important to talk about it. Being silent makes it seem like it’s not worth talking about. That is should be left under the covers. I don’t believe that at all.

So thank you to everyone who shared a bit of themselves for this month of Pride. I am proud that you chose this space to be vulnerable and honest with me and The Lady Project community. I hope you all had a very happy Pride.

Brittanny Taylor