A Quick Wrap Up On Grateful


Let me tell you something, working for yourself is hard. Really hard. Ok, you probably already knew that. Some months are better than others. November was a rough month for me. I had to get honest with myself and others about my situation. It was really scary and tears (a lot of them) were shed. But my support system kicked in and my friends had my back. Once I was open and honest with them, things immediately got better. I’m grateful to have people I can be vulnerable with. I don’t know what I did to deserve these amazing humans in my life, but I will hold on tight and I will be eternally thankful to have them.

I hope that you all had a great November and Thanksgiving holiday. As a Native American woman, Thanksgiving doesn’t do much for me (obviously). But I got to spend the day with friends and family which you will hear more about in my Letter From The Editor for December.

I am grateful for everyone who read this blog and contributes articles. This blog would be nothing without you.

Brittanny Taylor