5 Ways to Nurture Friendship This Valentine’s Day!


Whether you are single or have a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to celebrate your friendships. For many women, Valentine’s Day is more than just flowers, chocolate, and a romantic dinner. It celebrates the significant and meaningful relationships in our lives. This includes our girlfriends. No one understands us like our BFF. The compassion we feel can extend beyond our mates to our close friends and relatives too! 

Valentine’s Day can celebrate the depth of love and affection in any relationship. This year, perhaps, you will celebrate “Galentine’s” Day! February 13th offers a perfect opportunity to show our friends some affection and quality time. Just like any other relationship, even the closest of friendships need to be nurtured. Here are 5 ways to nurture your friendships this Valentine’s Day: 

1) Plan a girl’s night in

Valentine’s Day can be filled with couples going out. Plan a night for just the girls to stay in. Take the time to make the arrangements, order food or cook, plan to watch an empowering girls' flick such as Pride and Prejudice or your friend's favorite movie. 

2) Say it with words of affection or affirmation 

Take the time to call her. In our busy lives today, with text messages and social media we don’t often connect over a phone call anymore. Take a few moments to call and let your friends know you are grateful for them.

3) Give her a “just because” gift

Something that says, I was thinking of you. Pick something that is specific to your relationship with her. Send her a photo of the two of you or get tickets to see a movie or concert together. 

4) Send her a “just thinking of you" card

Write a personalized note. Remind her of the wonderful times you have together or the things you value the most about your friendship. Valentine's Day gives you a license to be a little more affectionate in any relationship than usual. 

5) Give her the gift of quality time

Many of us say “We will get together” or “Let’s make plans” and don’t follow through. As our lives get busier we tend to neglect our friendships and this is one of the main reasons for lost friendships. Make actual plans and keep them, even if it’s just a quick cup of coffee or a meeting at her place. 

Good friends are hard to come by. When you value and nurture the friendships you have they will last you a lifetime. Valentine’s Day is an annual reminder to celebrate our relationships and gratitude for our girlfriends.

Friendships don’t magically last forty years, you have to invest in them.
— Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Lianna Tsangarides, LCSW has a private practice in Watertown CT. She specializes in working with teens and young adults. Lianna is also a workshop facilitator for DBT, Trauma informed care, and safety planning.