5 Steps To Creating Your Ideal Space On a Budget


I like to think of decorating my home the same way I decide on what clothing, shoes and accessories to shop for. A little bit of basic, a little bit of trendy and full of my own personality- but I still stuck to my budget. Achieving this is always a balancing act. Sometimes a little splurge here and there is ok but I'd like to think we can all pull off the ideal vision we have for our space, one that we love, without needing to eat ramen noodles for a month straight. That is not an option. Our homes are our sanctuary and should reflect our favorite pieces. Here's some inspiration to create your own masterpiece within your four walls that will leave you in awe of your space, and possibly learn a thing or two along the way.

Create with Color 

Color changes everything. Especially when added using your favorites. Don't be afraid to create a bold accent wall to add interest to a dining room, bedroom or living area. Sometimes this can be just the right touch when you have mostly neutral colors within your space. Crisp white colors add a feeling of sophistication to any room when paired with bold accent pieces.

If you are renting and aren't able to paint take a peek at these amazing removable wallpaper options from dormify. An instead luxe look on the cheap that can transform any room from a little drab to very fab. The patterns are fun and full of color too!

Don't be Afraid to Mix and Match Accessories 

A little mixing and matching never hurt a soul. Have an older couch and don't feel like an upgrade should be hitting the wallet? Add a fun couch cover and some funky pillows to instantly freshen up the room. You can even opt to try shopping secondhand stores, consignment shops and estate sales for well-constructed pieces to be reupholstered.  This gives you the opportunity to customize any look at a fraction of what a high-end designer piece is going to cost you, and you are still getting the quality. Mixing old and new also adds some sophistication and interest to any room.

Add interest to a wall by mixing and matching picture frames in various styles and colors. Frame some of your favorite photos and even your own art rather than investing in pictures for the wall. This immediately draws the eye to the wall and brings in instant style without the artwork splurge.

Upgrade Your Hardware 

Most homes and apartments come with standard hardware finishes on the cabinets, doors and yes even your furniture. If this is causing yawn city everytime you glance at these then its time to switch out the knobs and replace them with more unique pieces. You can change out the knobs on bureaus to upgrade furniture without having to purchase a new piece, and those kitchen cabinets as well. Take a peek in hardware stores, specialty shops or even at a flea market.  The goal is to locate ones you love that are calling your name.  You can change out the builder’s basic faucet for something more interesting as well. Any good plumbing shop can work with your budget too.

Dabble in DIY

We are immersed in the land of DIY. From pinterest projects to literally thousand of blogs centered around 'do it yourself everything" there is most likely a project out there with your name on it. From upgrading old furniture, to sewing your own pillows covers and curtains I have to say a good DIY project on a rainy Saturday is worth the time and effort because of the cost savings. The best part is that you can replicate the look you are trying to achieve and learning something new in the process.

Keep Up on the Housekeeping 

The easiest and least expensive way to make a home look and feel great is to keep it cleaned and organized. Without trying to sound like a 1950s housewife a good weekly dusting and vacuum just shows that you love your space enough to care for it. Do your best to avoid the clutter trap and your home will shine. All of the other touches will stand out and be noticeable. Just showing your home some love is enough to fall in love with it again and again everytime you walk through that door, sewn pillow covers and all.