4 Reasons You Should Attend the 1st Annual Lady Project Gala

1. Location, Location, Location

  Photo Credit:    Facebook    /   Tiffeny Wilbourn

Photo Credit: Facebook / Tiffeny Wilbourn

How fitting to have our first annual Gala at a Providence landmark. Barnaby Castle was built in 1875, this Victorian mansion was the gem of Broadway. We are SO excited to show off the inner beauty of this restoration in progress. Join us in bringing laughter and life back to the hallways of Barnaby Castle. The Lady Project Gala will certainly go down in the history of this beautiful mansion as a night to remember.

2. The Sponsors


Every day we are so grateful for all the people and businesses who support us. There are currently seven businesses who are making sure that this night will be one we never forget.

Coastway Community Bank has been helping Rhode Islanders with their financial needs for over 90 years. We are happy to say that they are sponsoring this year’s Lady Project Gala!

(add)ventures is a multidisciplinary brand culture and communications firm. Located in Providence, our neighbors are lending a helping hand to bring the sparkle back to Barnaby Castle!

MOO loves great design and believes it can work wonders for every business. That’s why they make it simple to create beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials that’ll help you start conversations, open doors and strengthen relationships. We are proud to say that MOO is a proud Lady Project sponsor not only for the Gala but also for the annual Lady Project Summit!

Our dear friend, ChloeChloe wines offer the structure and depth of exceptional fruit sourced from the world’s preeminent growing regions to create elegant wines with sophisticated intensity. The Chloe Wine Collection is crafted to inspire your own memorable occasions. We are sure that the first annual Gala will be one for the books.

For brewmaster Sean Larkin, Revival Brewing Company is a renewal of his passion for unique and innovative beers, cultivated over a decade and a half of creating signature brews for the preeminent breweries in Rhode Island. Talk about the Rhody love?

Horizon Beverage is a team of beverage enthusiasts working toward a united mission with our partners to deliver the perfect drink. Well, serve us up! We are excited to have Horizon Beverage join us this year as a sponsor for the Gala.

Let Cherryhill Flowers be your first choice for flowers. Well, they are certainly ours! We can not wait to see the beautiful floral arrangements in store for us at the Lady Project Gala!

3. Who needs a reason to dress up and have some fun?

  Photo Credit:    Brittanny Taylor

Photo Credit: Brittanny Taylor

Party on, Lady Project people. Couldn’t we all use a little more fun in our life? A night full of drinks, snacks, style, and supporting an incredible cause! Participate in the silent auction full of items in donated by others who support the Lady Project. Grab a cocktail and explore the historical Barnaby Castle for the evening. This is the perfect excuse to grab your best gal pal and celebrate!

4. Falling in love with a good cause

Anyone you speak to will tell you that at the very core of the Lady Project is the members. Scattered all across the country, representing one of our eleven chapters and 1,200+ members, these women are making a positive difference in their communities and the world. Lady Project members come in all shapes, sizes, and mind sets but the one thing they have in common is a comradery to support each other to achieve their goals. When you attend a Lady Project event, you can speak to every woman there and get a completely different story of why they are a part of Lady Project. They may have joined to get career support, to grow their network, or even to just find a friend. This is what the Lady Project Gala is about, continuing the support of helping our members. By attending the Lady Project Gala not only will you have a night full of memories and fun but you can go home knowing you helped make a positive difference in at least one other person’s life.

We hope to see you there! Want to learn more or get your ticket? Click here.