3 Easy Ways To Learn Something New About Yourself


Do I know all there is to know about me?  This isn't a question I often ask myself, but in the spirit of this month’s theme I decided to give it some thought. 

At 26, I know that my sense of humor is one of my best assets; and that I could eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every day until the end of time. I know that I am the opposite of an adrenaline junkie; and I’d probably be a lot more fun to be around had I never discovered WebMD. I know that there are so many opportunities out there for me to grow; but that comfort zones are just so, well…cozy

Remember this scene from Bridesmaids?

Helen: It's funny how people change, isn't it?

Annie: Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Do people really change?

Helen: I think they do.

Annie: Yeah, but I mean, they still stay who they are, pretty much.

Helen: I think we change all the time.

Annie: I think we stay the same, but grow I guess a little bit.

Helen: I think if you're growing, then you're changing.

Annie: But I mean, we're changing from who we are, which we always stay as.

Helen: Not really, I don't think so.

Annie: I think so.

Helen: I don’t.

For lack of a better phrase - the struggle is real

Inserting ourselves into new and different situations can be intimidating, but in most cases the benefits outweigh the risks. When was the last time you got nervous about something, only to go through the experience and say, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad.”? There is insight out there to be gained, ladies! So, if your on board with growing (I guess a little bit,) then I have a few tips.

Here are 3 activities you can do to learn a little something about yourself:

1. Bust out the cookbook. Even if you know your way around the kitchen, trying out a new recipe (or attempting an entirely new cuisine) can be a great challenge. I prefer to kick it old school with a grocery list and a pen, but there’s no shame in that Blue Apron game either. Whether this is something you do alone or in a group, there are lessons to be learned. Maybe you have more patience than you thought; maybe you love coriander. The worst that can happen is you take note to learn the closest pizza delivery spot.

2. Sign up for that 5K. (Or that bike ride, dance class, or hike.) I’m going to share my own testimonial here…This summer I participated in a 75-mile bike ride to help raise funds for the national MS Society. I signed up with no clue as to whether or not I would be physically capable of such an event. In the past I have largely considered myself an indoors-y kind of girl, but it turns out I’m athletic and I don’t hate trees! So, if there’s an event you’ve been eyeing - don’t hesitate. Putting your name down on the list will help you commit; and make sure you drag a friend along with you. You’ll learn how lucky you are to have their support (as if you didn’t already know.)

3. Ride Solo: Next time you have a day to yourself, consider planning a solo field trip. Some things I’ve tried in the past include museum visits, trips to nearby cities (I love long walks on the beach pavement) or even just a movie. It might seem weird or uncomfortable at first, but it can be nice to explore your different interests on your own time; without the constraints or influence that can sometimes come with a group. Here, you have the opportunity to learn the places in which you are most inspired. Perhaps you prefer the quiet; or maybe the hustle and bustle. Maybe you’ll love the opportunity to belt out old-school Mariah Carey in the driver's seat with no judgement. Either way, you owe it to yourself to find out.

Catherine Kwolek was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she works as an accountant by day and blogger by night. She loves nothing more than a tall iced coffee and a good laugh. When she’s not busy exploring what’s new around Providence, she can be found crafting, perusing the makeup aisle, or binge watching House Hunters.