3 DIYs to Start and Finish This Weekend


If you’re an avid Pinterest-er or find yourself with ideas and supplies piling up, but with finished products seemingly missing… don’t worry, you are not alone! One of the most rewarding outcomes of living a creative lifestyle is that you begin to posses a creative mindset. Often crafters, creatives, and weekend DIY-ers can reflect on that one project that set fire to their new passion, whether it be gardening, metal work, or hand written stationary. A new imaginative hobby is the perfect outlet for self-growth, therapeutic healing, and an enlightened sense of beauty. The problem that new crafters quickly realize is you’ve put the cart before the horse. I have often found myself overwhelmed with projects half started, yarn and paint filling up my spare space, and a list of ideas seemingly longer than time I’ve got. Alas, isn’t this the beauty of finding oneself entrenched in a hobby they love? Not to fret, I have 3 crafts for you to try this weekend that are so simple you can actually finish them! The brief theme here is to bring a bit of joy to your professional space and workday.

  1. Beautify Your Bobby Pins!

In the summer I find myself pinning up my hair more often than not. A great way to incorporate a little splash of color is through bobby pins! Lay your bobby pins on a flat surface, grab whatever leftover paint you’ve got laying around, and paint those suckers! Go for glitter and bright colors for a funky look, or perhaps stripes if you want to keep it modern! Now you won’t try to hide those pins, but let them shine!

  1. Pom pom Your Push Pins

This one is almost too easy. Grab some push pins, assorted pom poms, and your hot glue gun. Have at it! Glue those pom poms to the end of the pins and you’ve got MUCH cooler office supplies.

  1. Make a Mission Banner

This one takes a bit more time, but can incorporate your crafty attitude with your professional work. You’ll need colorful cardstock, some type of string, and assorted markers. Cut the different pieces of cardstock into pennant or flag shapes, and attach the string along the top of the backs of the paper, creating a banner. On each piece write one of your organization’s mission points. If the mission is too wordy or long, summarize and bold key words. Once finished hang up and enjoy the product of a professional go-getter with an aesthetically inclined outlook.


Brooke Petit is a recent graduate of Providence College, where she studied Sociology and interned with three nonprofit organizations. She currently works in philanthropy and is interested in public policy, data analysis, social change and applied sociology. Brooke loves American handmade crafts, snail mail, and iced green tea. When not working her life is enjoyably filled with electro/future funk concerts and mindfulness meditation. Connect with her professionally on LinkedIn and personally on Instagram.

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