3 Daily Tricks to Stay Organized


Not all of us are wired to be perfectly organized gals and quite frankly that's ok. With busy schedules, to do lists and daily obligations finding balance in our lives to stay on top of our organizing game isn't always easy. There are however a few tricks you can pull off daily to keep yourself in check and feeling better organized in no time. Make Your Bed Everyday

Besides the obvious reason of a tidier looking bedroom, making your bed everyday is linked to some pretty positive feelings to get your day going in the right direction. It generates an overall feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Imagine it's only 7:00 am and you're ready to take on the world! That instant boost of positive energy can also be linked to feeling better organized. When you make your bed your essentially beginning the process of cleaning up a mess, or decluttering. This lowers your level of stress and in turn creates a calming and more relaxed effect in the space. This will also build some momentum for tackling other areas within your home that may need some organization. The best part about making your bed everyday is that it takes less than 5 minutes. You gain so much clarity and benefits for such a short simple task.

Don't Put it Down, Put it Away

This may sound like something you would tell a 5 year old after playing with their toys, but it goes a long way when practiced daily. Don't just put it down, put it away. Sometimes when we are rushing or coming home after a long day tossing the jacket, bag, keys and mail anywhere but where they belong is the most liberating feeling. A week later after the toss it anywhere routine our home seems to be a cluttered mess. Suddenly we are spending hours tidying up. Getting into the habit of putting things away on a daily basis eliminates clutter in every area of our home. Start small with just the toothpaste or your keys. Then concentrate on shifting your habits if you tend to toss items onto flat surfaces like kitchen counters and the floor. Make a commitment to zoning in on where items belong and how great it feels to have less clutter in your home rather than seeing it as a chore to put it back. As time goes on you will want to maintain your clutter free space.

Sort Through Your Mail- File it or Toss it 

Paper is one of the top culprits to clutter in our households. On average Americans receive over 4 million tons of junk mail every year. That's alot of paper and if we don't manage it daily it can get a bit out of control. The moment you walk in the door sift through your mail directly in front of where your recyclables go. Toss what you don't need and then file what is remaining into two categories- to pay and to file. You may have some mail that needs to be shredded as well. Having a paper bag handy to catch the items to shredded will keep it from piling up elsewhere in the house. Filing your mail on a daily basis will result in those same feelings you have after making your bed. Clutter free counters can certainly be linked to less stress!

As with any daily practice the few moments spent committing to them will save you time in the long run, as well as making you feel as though your the most organized person you know.