3 Brilliant Podcasts for 2016


Planning a road trip in the near future? Maybe, testing out a new hobby this winter? Or scheduling more alone time for yourself? A new podcast or two to listen to while you have some quiet is a great idea. Podcasts can break up the silence and make you laugh, teach you something new, and give you something you didn't know you needed!

1. This American Life

This American Life features a different theme each week, with different stories comprising acts for each episode. This American Life is produced by WBEZ Chicago and has a another popular podcast you may have heard about, Serial. Episodes are usually 1 hour and are hosted  by Ira Glass. Visit the show page and listen to my favorite episode of 2015 about a family's elaborate fantasy.

2. Radio Headspace

Radio Headspace is the podcast accompaniment to the meditation app Headspace. Teaching unlikely users how to meditate in just 10 days, listening to Radio Headspace is the perfect first step for any on-the-fence consumer. My favorite episode of 2015 was a three part series on infidelity. Steve and Cheryl often tackle themes and this was one of the most interesting of the year. Part one, the betrayers, part two the betrayed, and part three a speaking with an expert. Visit Radio Headspace's blog, The Orange Dot, listen to all episodes on Soundcloud, and listen to my favorite episode of 2015.

3. Dear Sugar Radio

If you travel frequently and like to be occupied during that time, this is for you. Like catching up with an old good fired, Dear Sugar Radio is a comfortable and casual advice show. Dear Sugar Radio taps into those questions you've been meaning to take a deep dive into, but are too busy, too scared, or too ashamed of another's reactions. My episode this year was about creativity. Visit the show page, listen to my favorite episode of 2016, and read the original Dear Sugar advice column.

What podcasts are your favorite? Have a great suggestion for The Lady Project? Let us know!

Brooke E. Petit is the Special Projects Manager at the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy. She has plans to pursue her career and academic interests of advocacy, data analysis, social change and applied sociology. Brooke loves American handmade crafts, snail mail, and iced green tea. When not working her life is enjoyably filled with electro funk concerts, mindfulness meditation, yoga, or organizing her Passion Planner. Connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.