10 Things to bring to the Summit

The countdown to the Summit is on and people are psyched. This event promises to be valuable both professionally and personally and is always a lot of fun. The day will be jam-packed and you want to be sure you get the most out of it.

Not sure what you need? Here is my list of 10 things to bring to the Summit.

1. Business cards
This is a networking event, and you'll be spending an entire day with an energized group of entrepreneurs and business women in all different industries and stages of their careers. Bring a stack of cards, put them some place easy to grab, and be ready to pass them around.
2. Your device and a charger
You'll want to be tweeting during breaks, snapping photos throughout the day, and connecting with people you're meeting on Facebook or Linkedin, so be ready. Great news, there will be a charging station this year, so bring your plug to refuel during a break.
3. Money!
Every professional woman needs a proper headshot, and no, a photo from a vacation where you've cropped out your boyfriend and your margarita does not count as a headshot. The lovely Jen Brister will once again be set up with her mobile headshot station, taking them throughout the day. There will also be a Lady Project shop with items for sale. Jen and the shop will have Square and can accept credit cards, but you may also want some cash on hand.
4. Tools for taking notes.
Spoiler alert: you will be getting a notebook and pen at check in, but bring a back up pen.
5. The right outfit You're going to be on your feet a lot, and it's a long day, so comfortable shoes are a must. Also, this is a networking event and  you could be meeting potential new clients, as well as potential new friends. There's no dress code, but show up presenting your best self. Also layer a bit, as you never know if it'll be too warm, or the a.c. will blasting. I find a scarf goes a long way.
6. Social Media handles
Do a little homework before you go, so you're all set to be tagging and tweeting throughout the day. Are there any special hashtags for the event? There is, it's #LadyProjectSummit. Follow the Lady Project, your local chpater, and any of the keynote speakers, or workshop speakers you're interested in. Follow them a head of time so that you're ready to mention them during the event.
7. Your elevator pitch
You'll be doing a lot of networking and talking about yourself at the Summit, as well as listening a lot to other people. Be sure you feel comfortable describing yourself and what you do or what you're passionate about quickly. Many of us have side gigs we love, full time jobs we may not, kids we're raising while we're trying to find time to do something creative and all of that can make us stumble when we're describing ourselves. If the thought of this makes you nervous, spend a little time before the event practicing what you'll say to the inevitable "what do you do" question in a way that makes it clear, and also opens the flow of conversation.
8.  Questions prepared
You'll be gaining valuable information at the workshops you've signed up for. If you have specific questions that you want answers to, have them written down, so you remember them if there is a question and answer period. Although, remember not to go nuts. No one wants your question to be a commercial for your business, and super specific questions aren't appropriate (ie: So....I have this one client, who pays me in gold bars, what line on my tax form do I use on my 1099 to show gold bars.)
9. Some feminine care products Amenity Aid will be on site during the summit to accept donations of women's products for the women's shelter at Crossroads RI. Bring something to contribute to this great cause.
10. Travel light
Pair down your essentials so you're not lugging too much gear around. There will be food for breakfast, lunch and the after party, and free water throughout the day, so unless you have some specific dietary needs, don't weigh yourself down with loads of snacks.
See you all at the Summit!